Thursday, 13 January 2011

Trend: You do the Legwork!

Tights, Socks & Leggings with a twist are all the rage this season.
Whether you have opted for a graphic pair of leggings, a floral pair of tights or some of your Dad's old socks, the more extravagant the better! 
Leggings were first seen in the 80's and regarded as the most comfortable item of leg-wear, since then they just keep popping up!  This season is all about wearing leggings in new materials, graphics and colours.  They are such a diverse item of clothing that can be worn dressed down or dressed up!

Tights compliment just about any outfit & you shouldn't be afraid to clash polka dots with stripes.  
Socks, socks & more socks - I can just not have enough of these.  Whether they are stolen from my Dad's draw (he has great chunky hiking socks!), invested from Urban Outfitters or found in Primark - I love them and they have a great way of completing an outfit.  This winter I have been wearing my trusty socks with all of my Ankle boots but I am looking forward to the sun shining & wearing them with brogues and.... SANDALS!  This summer seems to be all about wearing a pair of cast off Jesus sandals with a pair of feminine patterned socks - better still, wear those socks on top of a pair of clashing tights. 
American Urban Outfitters seem to be ticking all the right boxes!

Urban Outfitters US - I love.

I am yet to have bought my Jesus Sandals - so I will make do with my
wedges for now!
Hearts and flowers.

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